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HYLTON the whistler BROWN       . L I V E

More than 60 minutes powerful live performance of Hylton Brown, backed by 5 diffrent bands throughout Europe-- - roots in a new brand feel.
First the song "Reggaesun",a version of the golden hit "House of the rising sun"(respect to the Animals!) ,performed in a cold winter night at Hamburg, a heavy beat refreshing the ever touching hit.The speedy "Suffer in the ghetto"&"German jungle",when the Amsterdam massiv at Melkway gave standing ovations... Yes,Mr.Brown has the gift to choose words well and express them mighty.Test it with the "Sounds of freiheits" and you know what I mean.
Might I hear some taste of ska in the "Weserriver",a brilliant anthem to his second hometown Bremen? The last song is "Pollution", open-air at the East sea,where the inspiration flys to cyber hights... "Polluting the air with negative vibes - geht nicht!" he says.
And inbetween something you start to understand why he`s got the title "Generalfieldmarshall of musical inspiration".

Foto by Diane Issachar
Las Vegas,USA