Weser TV Livestream
each 2nd and 4th wednesday 12:00-12:45 pm New York time EST
jeden 2. und 4.Mittwoch 18-18:45 im Bremer Kabelkanal/Euronews
or 24/7 at

Hylton The Whistler Brown`s television running 24/7 at livestream.com. Enjoy the line-up of liveshows, clips and reggae radio shows. In all of these you will find the uplifting message of the wise rastaman. Or you can select shows from his fast growing library - on demand. As movie producer he came a long road, starting with the Offenen Kanal Bremen in 92, continued with "Der Sender", later "Bürgerrundfunk", then "Radio-Weser-TV". With his legendary "Movements of a rastaman" TV-series and his fameous weekly radio show he reached out to millions of citizens on the ground in Germany and since a time now countless through his own station in the web. Behind him a growing massive fan community.

What he is preaching there all these years?? . wisdom/songs

"It`s about what the I see through I man eyes moving on my global walk"says Hylton Brown,the international respected reggaesinger and w h i s t l e r. Videoclips,also from other artists/Reggae-Ambassadors, concertcuts, message, interviews, teachment, culture and nature from Jamaica, but also from Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, the US, Africa and the rest of the world,...And ever a good conscious roots reggae soundtrack.He is a man who looks behind the deepness of culture and presents it to the people.Way behind could also be the ghetto of the third world.There is no border where to find conscious culture,and there is only one aim:
Out of many one civilized people-One love.

"Without happiness,there is nothing left - only stress.And I don`t like stress."says Hylton Brown.
Und so nimmt er uns mit auf eine Reise zwischen Welten...