HYLTON THE WHISTLER BROWN Generalfieldmarshal of musical inspiration

Hylton"The Whistler"Brown is a man of countless talents.He can talk, address the word powerful to the audience. Sing in a golden tone of voice,make words reach.Dance or shuffle with mighty speedy energy.Then again improvisate, change style from singing to DJ to bongo drumming. Lick straight into my heart. But, and this is a but - the highpoints of his performance ever when he touches the whistling. Clean, crystalclear flying spirit. Yes.
His musical road began in the early 1980ies in Jamaica, where we won several awards at the prestigeous Jamaican Pop & Variety Festival,first as singer, later he introduced the whistling to this big audience. And the beauty and perfection of his whistling performance was considered so uncomparable that the jury created this year a new award, just for him: "novelty act-whistling".

In this style of whistling he is up to today the master.
In Europe, apart from numerous live concerts in Germany,The Netherlands and Poland,openings for Eric Donaldson, Mutabaruka and Jamaica Papa Curvin,he continues to produce new songs in his roots-reggae-mix. Such as the golden hit ear-wig "Ever whistling"and many more. Until now he released a lot of CDs. A fine selection of his tunes you find on "Hits of Hylton Brown" listen...... And what a perfect and natural musical explosion his live CD "In his glory" from the openair festival Reggaejam in Germany. From the same show he released a DVD, which gives you a deeper impession of the stage presence of this master of performance. Please read further .... or go. .home