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J o y f u l   R e g g a e   HYLTON THE WHISTLER BROWN  

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Turn to the light - then the shadows fall behind. Listen to this sound - same thing gonna happen. This music gets you in a swinging, dancing, active, joyful mode. Ready to walk your road, equipped with energy and a clear spirit. Listen to the warm voice. And free air becomes a musical sound: The one in the world REGGAE WHISTLER  Hungry for more.
Singers and Deejays, when you decide to sing a song, remember it must be children friendly and people respect, specially to the elder. Then you can sing a song.You must know what you are saying to the children.


1. Baby love
2. Positive dub
4. Brand new song
5.Get up
6.Whistling Lord
7. Baby Love dub
8.Brand new dub

9.Oh Lord
10. Positive Vibes
11.Triumpf dub
12. Baby Whistle
13.Get up dub
14. Lord dub
15.Jah is the color of all mankind      

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Composed, arranged, lyrics, vocals, percussions,whistlings,production by Hylton Brown.Basic tracks layed at Jamaica, Tiff Tam and Skillman Recording Studio. Musicians: Alfred Crossley (lead guitar), Errol Clarke (drums), Roy Jackson (rythm guitar), Tyrone Patterson (piano), Mark Stewart (synthesizer), Mikey Huie (bass & drum programmer) Ed Robinson (keyboards and engineer), Junior Chambers (guitar)Sabine & Kerstin (horns). Digital mastering at J&G Studio Germany, Bremen. Mixed by Hylton Brown and Kolja Renken. Foto by Mona-Lisa, painting by Anne T., cover design J&G-team.

Review of "Joyful Reggae" by Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com

POSTED BY: xavierpersad
“Joyful Reggae” by Hylton The Whistler Brown is, well, just that – a collection of joyful, inspirational reggae tunes. “Positive dub” stands out, delivering the pleasant sounds of the steel pan, native drums, and a lovely brass section. What’s more, Hylton demonstrates why ‘the whistler’ is part of his name by adding a lead whistling melody to this song and others. “Get Up” is another memorable tune, mainly because of its interesting rhythm section and use of creative percussion sounds. Moreover, Hylton proves to be lyrically uplifting, delivering motivation in the areas of love, work, and spirituality.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com .

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