Jugdes of the International Whistling Convention 2005

"Very good/good contrast in style,articulation"
"Lot`s of joy in presentation,lovely choice,great stage presence"
"Good rythm,beautiful choice,good music selection"
"I like the song and dance.Lot`s of singing,and then came the feeling like whistling.
Nice use of trill,some great passion and footwork"
"Jamaican style music,black spiritual style,jazzy,energetic presentation,singing and whistling,cross rythms"
Foto by Journal Gazette/ NC


Hylton Brown aka "The Whistler" is a much diffrent entertainer.His whistlings splendid as a reggae touched western sound track,his singing reminds on Peter Tosh,Bunny Wailers or Toots and the Maytals - still having his own reggae-mix-style.This born Jamaican got an heavy impact on the European reggae scene.Since more than 10 years he runs a weekly television personalyty show - "Movements of a rastaman".Besides the reggaeambassador entertains the world online every thursday with his vivid "Reggae our radio show".People get crazy over it!

"He is fameous for his overwhelming capacity in whistling" reggaenode.de


Hylton Brown: The whistling genius

HYLTON BROWN,the inventor of the novelty act WHISTLING IN REGGAE-MIX-STYLE grew up in Glendevon,St.James and started his music career by winning countless contests in singing.
The allround genius composes,arranges,writes lyrics,sings and DJ`s and on top of all,dances in his special style.His music,the reggae-mix,takes on all styles,and he presents it in a sweet,body-moving rythm.
One day he decided to do something special and unique,that would be diffrent from all singers in the entertainment fields:WHISTLING!
God gave him a gift:the sweet voice of a bird,full of emotion,inspiration and positive vibration.The melody reaches us from far,as from another,better world.Consciousness is the message and the people feel,hear and see it.When HYLTON BROWN steps on stage it`s like a light is switched on.When he whistles,it`s sharing one love,internationally. The whistling genius now resides in Germany,but is back in Jamaica specially to participate in the Grand Gala celebrations at Jarrett Park on Independence night.


Reggae around the world
Let's travel over to Bremen, Germany where there is a national hero from the Middle Ages, a freedom fighter named Roland. Nowadays the modern Roland is a black, dreadlocked Rastafarian singer,from Jamaica to Germany, who whistles his reggae tunes ... Hylton "The Whistler" Brown and his bands have performed with all the big regggae acts.With his reggae pub, Little Jamaica, his weekly TV show, Movements of a Rastaman, and his radio reggae hour, he has helped shape the reggae scene .
."Hylton is proud to be a Jamaican abroad. They are like the salt or the pepper, to my feeling, even a little dose can make the whole pot taste good, can make the whole community change towards the good vibes, isn't that right?"