HYLTON BROWN`s Reggae our radio show

He is a man of many talents! Yes he can DJ,and yes he can preach,he sings along,he whistles, he talks positive words, words with drive and passion. And he lets the music speak .... Weekly many years now he is giving the people an extraordinairy teachment.
A very joyfull one.
One hour of reggae-music-wisdom. As reggae-ambassador in Europe he spreads the message through the golden roots,supports artists and musicians who make positive music and he opens the European ears for the real thing...

Hylton Brown got one aim:
Always ONE LOVE and RESPECT is the message to all civilized human in our global village.Reggae is the understanding and dancing music,spiritual feel, pertaining to all religion.
Reggae don`t speaks of only 1 religion.Reggae signifies the works and together living of all human beeings.
Just like the life of a rastaman.
When you start to exclude others,it means to exclude JAH,cause JAH is one and JAH is for everyone.And JAH says:"Make a joyfull noise onto him."
So this is what Hylton "The Whistler" Brown is doing with his radio show. home