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Hylton Brown
The Reggae Whistler

Roots reggae mix of swinging consciousness, master of singing, DJ, bongo drumming and: whistling !!
Released on the J&G-label, on cdbaby.com and soon at all digital distributions
  • 1.Minds
  • "I have wait to see my star shine... "after a short intro the master kicks up with his melodious and energetic whistling.
  • 2.Whistling light The warm and golden voice touches with a lovers reggae tune,lately mixed in Jamaica
  • 3.Ever whistling
  • The hit,the hit.And pure whistling..
  • 4.Never get away DJ
  • Young and fresh, mighty DJ voice.
  • 5.Flying live
  • Open air "Reggae Jam" in Germany,and the audience join the whistling...
  • 6.German jungle dub
  • You hear what I hear? Please listen this afterbeat! Love it.
  • 7.Sweet love
  • Lovers rock.
  • 8.Never get away
  • A melodious message to respect the creator, harmonized by R.Luessem,
  • 9.German jungle
  • It`s about the mental jungle in babylon, and the positive forward move - sweet whistlings along a heavy beat
  • 10.Suffer in the ghetto
  • A bit speedy, ragga dancehall style
  • 11.Pollution live
  • Open air festival at the East sea and we got to control that thing.
  • 12.Secret of the don
  • You must can understand the whistling to get to the secret of the master...
  • 13.Reggae sun live
  • A very diffrent version of "House of the rising sun", performed at Markthalle Hamburg
  • 14.German jungle live
  • backed by the All Stars at Melkway, Amsterdam
  • 15.Suffer live
  • What a bongo beat and again:There must be an end to sufferation one day.
  • 16.High minds
  • A spiritual flight.