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Sounds of the I - a lyrical edition by
Hylton "The Whistler" Brown

This is based upon the livity of Rastafari in the language of Rastafari.
Do you know that Rastafari have a language? Well now I will give you a scetch of it:
I and I forward in this Iwa seen.Long Imes I sight.
Things been coming and things been goin`.
Idrens and daughters get together in this Imes.Long Imes I and I await and dream of Jah.
Jah live within one and one,deep in the self of the I and sistren.
I give thanks and praises to Jah for every shinin`light that I have seen.I pray to Jah to make the goodness flow among men in every shinin`light.
Hard work within the consciousness of eachone heart and mind.It is like this is the basic food of life.
And within the goodness of your heart there comes no stress from deep inside. ....home

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